Reader wrote to a scientific periodic:

„ In my opinion, scientists involved are fascinated with knowledge to such an extent, that they have lost a grip on reality. The main goal of their research is to prove own speculations. Many of the speculations begin to enter the realm of fantasy, where pure science kept away from (…). The problem is that modern science creates more and more theories and hypothesis and then tries to prove them at all costs, bending the facts. In the same time, majority of theories become so complicated that all attempts to explain them are doomed to failure. “1

Writing both my Works (1990-1992) I thought I outran the world of science by five or ten years. In the end, this fact did not have impact on possibilities of publication. As it turns out, science till this day could not come close to my discoveries. The main obstacle is the society of scientists. Because of my education I cannot be part of  (24th  century!). Albert Einstein or Copernicus had more luck. The reader will agree with astonishment, that everything is simpler then it looks like and how scientific literature presents it. It is because the goal of scientists is to complicate explanations and the effect is much more simpler.

Science of explosive evolution of The Solar System formation can be found in the first part of my work, however I have written it in the end. The Solar System was created at first which enabled the formation of life on Earth. The Dates are not error. Publication after 14 years is a reality of times we live in. It is also a confirmation of the inner group of scientists, leak proof for people outside, against beliefs of G. Bruno and Galileo Galilei rationality.

Both works were given cosmetic changes, updates and additional details. They contain some mistakes, because of the level of science I have had before. Nevertheless, outcomes are the same. Writing about the particle that started life I have not mentioned the graviton. It is one of the mistakes and I have not corrected it in this field.

In some cases I have made an exception to underline some important effects and confirmations.

Introduction to the first part by aged theories and in the same time current ones, will require from the reader dose of patience and perseverance. However, I propose to overcome this irrationality, where scientists base their theories on modern technicalities and try to prove them. In other words, they try to bend the rules of physics to their vision of universe, against the natural laws the reader will become familiar in this work. Scientists already know the Rules of the Universe, yet they do not understand them!

I will state, that not everything I know and I discovered will be published here. There will be two more publications . Some of my knowledge, I will keep to myself and use it accordingly. Humanity is not to the task to my discoveries. As a proof, I state the theory of cell’s self- replication for human organs breeding. For me it is old and antique. I moved on, I am ahead if the reader will understand my theories, and self- replication will be presented in the second part of my work.

Of course, it is possible (for genetic engineers) to work on this notion furthermore because this mystery enables next ways of development. Besides human cloning, which I oppose. Cell replication yes, but not human. Scientist that tries to deal with human cloning should have his fingers smashed to bits, so he would never hold another vial. Humanity can try human cloning, but not now, only if we are 100% certain of the outcomes.

Congratulations to Professor Jim Baggott for his book “Farewell to Reality”. Despite the book’s content, he remained polite towards his fellow scientists.

I will not.

Theory of gas-dust nebula is at odds with logic. 1 – Look bibliography.