For the first time in the history of science, particle is responsible for creation of life. This theory will be presented in this work. Many people all over The World will be shocked and their moral  principles will collapse. This work was created to challenge arrogant astrophysicists, cosmologists and educated genetic engineers. Theoretical scientists, who does not control their deeds, shamelessy ignore the lows of physics. Concerned only with fame and honors, they have lost themselves in their pathetic theories, creating farce pseudo-science. Author accuses scientific circles of getting rid of intellectual pride. This work is also to prepare the reader to “go to the other side”, acclaimed by scientists to be simply “methaphysics”. In the world of elemental particles, in which humanity not knowingly exist, there is no place for methaphysics! Genetics engineers already have author’s knowledge about patent of cell’s self-replication and stem cell breeding. They loftily deny it or remain silent. This work “punish” some of the scientists. Will make furious those who debate about Giordano Bruno and Galiloe Galilei. It is because in their opinion, a person outside the scientific cast cannot discover anything. One more thing: there is no escape from this work. Author challenges Oxford University, Max Planck Institute, Berkley University, CERN in Switzerland and many others.

Lübeck 1992